7.4 RightShareType

Allowed Value Set



A Type of RightShare.

Allowed Value


A RightShare which entitles a Party to issue Licenses for a Musical Work.     


A RightShare of a Musical Work as agreed between the composers. The sum of all MusicalWorkManuscriptShares on a Musical Work equals 100%. It is possible (though unusual) for MusicalWorkManuscriptShares to vary by Territory or RightsType. MusicalWorkManuscriptShares are often referred to as Writer Shares.


A RightShare as calculated for the collection of money for RightShares.


The proportion of the overall Musical Work that a writer has assigned to an Original Publisher. Note that each writer can have zero, one or many OriginalPublishers, and hence zero, one or many . An OriginalPublisherShare does not define a share for the collection of money. They are also referred to as Stakeholder Shares or Primary Publishers Shares.