4.1 Terms and Definitions


An individual data element in a Record. Cells are separated by Delimiters.


A character that delineates, in a flat file, either one Record from another Record or one Cell from another Cell.


An XML message signifying the delivery of a Batch.

Musical Work

A Work intended to be perceivable as a combination of sounds, with or without accompanying text.

Any words that are intended to be expressed with a MusicalWork (often termed Lyrics) form part of that MusicalWork; not all MusicalWorks have Lyrics.
A MusicalWork may be expressed and fixed to become part of a SoundRecording or a Video Recording, or may be used to create notated music (sheet music, scores, instrumental parts) or sound generation codes (such as MIDI files).
In some cases, the MusicalWork comes into existence simultaneously with its expression. This is common in extemporised forms such as jazz music.


A line in a flat file containing data about a specific data entity. The Record type is indicated in the first Cell. Data elements are contained in Cells which are separated by a specifically defined Delimiter.

Secondary Delimiter

Delimiter used to separate data elements within a single Cell.

Right Share

A percentage or fraction of a right for a Musical Work for a particular time and place in which a party claims a controlling interest. Controlling interest includes ownership and/or administration.